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Hey my lovelies ! :) Hope you´re all well ! Finally this is my DIY post, which I told you about. I had the time to make photos today, even if I should learn for a german class test :/ While writing this post I read the book, which the test is about and eat "oat cookies", donno how to call them :) !!
Just going on with the pictures, so that the post won´t be too long.

Hey meine Lieben ! :) Ich hoffe es geht euch allen gut ! Endlich kommt mein DIY Post, von dem ich euch erzählt hatte. Ich hatte heute Zeit die Fotos zu machen, auch wenn ich für eine Deutscharbeit lernen müsste :/ Währen dem Schreiben von diesem Post, lese ich das Buch, über welches die Arbeit ist und esse Haferkekse :) !!
Ich mache jetzt einfach mit den Fotos weiter, damit der Post nicht zu lang wird. 


What you need: - white (they are the easiest to dye) shorts
                         - scissors
                         - maybe a knife to distress it
                         - old bowl and spoon
                         - Acrylic colours or fabric dye
                         - hot water
                         - Rock Salt or Special dye salt
1. Step: Cut the shorts that way, you like best
2. Step: Distress the shorts with the scissors (rip up the bottom + cut holes in it)
3. Step: Throw water in the bowl, put the colours and the salt in it and mix that
4. Step: Put the shorts in the water, as far as you want the dye to be
5. Step: Let it in for 5-10 minutes, depends on how strong you want the colour to be

Tie Dye Shirts
What you need: - Shirts
                         - Dye/Acrilic colours
                         - water, bowl, salt and spoon
                         - rubber bands
Many spirals 
1. Step: Pinch up the fabric and secure it with one ore more rubber bands. The more rubber bands you take for securing, the more circles you became
2. Step: Do that with the entire Shirt
3. Step: Put it into the coloured water and let it in for about 5-10 minutes
One Spiral
1. Step: Pinch up a section in the middle of the shirt
2. Step: Twist the section
3. Step: Continue twisting until you have a spiral
4. Step: Secure it with one or two rubber bands
5. Step: Dye it like the other Shirt

Two toned/Ombre Shirt
What you need: - Shirt
                         - the same things as with the shorts
1. Step: Mix the colours just as you want your shirt to be
2. Step: Dip the upper part of the Shirt into the dye and let it in for 7-10 minutes
3. Step: Mix a lighter colour than the first or just a second colour
Two toned
4. Step: Dip the other part of the shirt into the second colour and let it in for 5-10 minutes
4. Step: Dip the middle part into the lighter colour and let it in for 2 minutes.
5. Step: Then go into the part between the very light and the very dark colour and let it in there for about 5-10 minutes

So hope you could understand all of that. Sorry that I don´t translate it into german, but then the post would be sooo long :) If you want me to translate it, leave a comment there. Even if you have questions about the dying process ... ask me ! :) I will upload a lookbook with the pieces right after this !

So ich hoffe ihr konntet alles verstehen. Sorry, dass ich es nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt habe, aber sonst wäre der Post sooooo lang geworden :) Wenn ihr wollt, dass ich es euch übersetze, lasst ein Kommentar da. Auch wenn ihr Fragen zum Färbungsprozess habt ... fragt mich einfach ! :) 
Ich werde noch ein Lookbook mit den Teilen genau hier nach hochladen ! 

Maria xx

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