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Hey guys ! 
Today I can finally write the tattoo post ! 
The last few days were very stressful, because we got a new timetable. Now we have school for 36 hours per week. So I apologize for being gone such a long time. 

I'm a big fan of tattoos and are very excited of getting my first, when I'm 18 years old ! 
For now I plan on getting 4-6 ones. I prefer tiny qoutes, words or images. The typical "girl tattoos", i think. I want three tatts on my left arm. One on my right shoulder and maybe to others. One behind my right ear and another on the inside of my right middelfinger. 

Detail | Tattoo images 
1. The wrist - This is the tattoo, i first thought of. It's a very common, girly tatto. I will go into the meaning a little bit later. It shall be a little swallow with the words "Free Bird" under it. 
For all my tattoos I just want a black outlining. 
2. The outer wrist - This will be the tiniest tatto and the first one, I want. A little note.
3. Over the crook of the arm - For this I'm not really sure, what I want it to be. Probably a meaningful 
4. The shoulder - The last tattoo I'm quite sure about getting it, is the one on my right shoulder.
But which image it will be, i also don't know.
5. + 6. Behind the ear + the inside of my middelfinger - Like I said I'm not quite sure about these two.
On the inside of my finger i'd like to have either the words music, family or friends.

The meanings of the tattoos, I feel certain about, are quite different. For me the swallow represents freedom, ease and confidence. Birds can just fly away, if they want to, I wish I could do that too. Also I just like the sound of the word bird. On one hand it has this magical atmosphere and on the other hand it just sounds fresh and atomises youth. If that makes any sense ... :)
The music related tattoos have a very obvious meaning. I just love singing so much. I couldn't live without it or without music in general. I listen to all different kinds of music and they all make me happy, soothe or inspire me. Art and music are big parts of my life and definitely a good tattoo image for me.
I also said, that I maybe have the words family or friends tattooed. I think these too are self-explaining. I love my family, and my friends are indescribable important for me. Another tattoo I could think of, is the word cat. I just love them all. They are soo sweet and cuddly *__*

Yay or Nay ?!
So the important question is Yay or Nay ?! And of course my answer is Yay. I love tattoos and see them as a piece of art, which always reminds me of a certain part of my life. I know many people don't like them (like my parents). They say you would regret them later. I don't think so. Like I said they "just" mark a period of my life, and later I will look back and remember.
And the aspect that the skin will look ugly when I'm older doesn't shock me at all. In 60 years many people will have tattos, so I'm not alone. Besides, when I'm 80 years old, nobody will see my body in a bikini :D
Maybe my opinion on tattoos will change in 2 years but for now I love them :) !

This post will just be in english, because I don't have too much time left. If you want me to translate anything just tell me in the comments !


Maria xx


  1. ich finde tattoos echt klasse.
    habe leider selbst keins, weil ich sooo angst vor nadeln und schmerzen habe :D

    1. Ja vor den Schmerzen habe ich auch ziemliche Angst. Eine meiner Freundinnen, hat ein Tattoo am Handgelenk und meinte die Schmerzen wären auszuhalten, also muss ich mich einfach mal trauen :)
      Maria xoxo

  2. also im moment mag ich tattoos tota gerne, leider ist genau dass das problem, was ist wen man eins hat und es dann nicht mehr mag?!
    die schmerzen und so weiter sind auch nicht umbedingt mein fall :)

    Ps: außer die leser die deine Kommentare abonniert haben merken die anderen blogger nicht wen du ihnen "antwortest" (nur ein kleiner Tipp)

    1. Da habe ich wie gesagt keine Angst vor. Für mich sagt jedes Tattoo etwas über mich und meine Veränderung aus :)
      Danke, wie kann ich das denn so einstellen, dass sie es merken ?
      Maria xx

  3. toller Header&schöne Bilder♥
    xxx, jessica:))

    our hearts


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