Make Up | BLACK SWAN Halloween Tutorial

1. Mix your normal foundation with a white one or with white face/aqua paints and apply it to your whole face, ears, neck and maybe your cleavage 
2. Contour your face with a grey/black matte eyeshadow 
3. Draw the outline of the typical Black Swan eye make up with a black gel/liquid eyeliner (don't forget to make the end frayed, so you get the feathery look)
4. Then paint it in with the eyeliner as well 
5. Go over it with a black matte eyeshadow to set it 
6. Draw some white lines with the paint, you used for your face, all over your lid to intensify the feather look 
7. Line your upper and bottom lashline and waterline with a black eyeliner
8. Take a mixture of a red and purple eyeshadow and apply it on your bottom lashline
9. Apply a tiny bit of mascara (In Black Swan Natalie Portman doesn't wear mascara, but she has naturally dark eyelashes !)
10. Line your lips with a black eyeliner pencil and fill them in with a dark red/berry lipstick
11. Put some dark purple eyeshadow on the outer corners of your lips 
 12. If you want the real Black Swan Look you can put on red contact lenses ! 

The outfit is very simple. I just threw on a black bodysuit/bustier and a black flowy skirt over it. If you have it at home, I would recommend using a real tutu skirt and ballet shoes. 
The masterpiece would be a crown, obviously ! 

Shall I do a "scary" halloween tutorail too, even if there are only 4 days left ? 
Hope you liked this easy and rather sophisticated halloween look. 

Maria xx



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