Make Up | ZOMBIE GIRL Halloween Tutorial

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! I hope you all will have a great Halloween tomorrow :) I'm sorry that this blogpost came very late, but I think you can recreate this in no time.
You start of with a white base (foundation/face paint). Then you just have to play around with the colours purple, green and blue (eyeshadows or face paint). Paint bags, veins and bruises. And, most important, contour your face and your collarbone with a grey/purple shade. This gives the face a shrunken look. For the eyes, you just apply black, purple and red eyeshadow all over your lid and connect it with the bags, you painted. Then I lined my bottom lashline and my waterline with a red, purple mixture of eyeshadows to make the eyes look even more tired and sick. And don't forget to contour your nose and the inner eye corner ! 
To make the bloody wound you could use either liquid latex with tissue paper or silicon prosthetic. But if you don't have that at home, like me, you can just use red eyeshadow mixed with a little bit water (for the wet look). Very important is to apply a black colour on the outside of the wound, to make it look realistic. Then I just dappled the same purple and black over my lips. And then you're done. 

Do you celebrate Halloween ? In my city, nobody does it, but I like to play around with the makeup in that time :) 

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  1. Krass wie gut das aussieht! *-*
    Respekt, dann kann Halloween ja kommen :D

    Liebe Grüße & schau doch mal vorbei! (:

  2. wow, wie verdammt gut es geworden ist! :)
    danke für deinen kommentar :) jap, ich werd' mir in den hintern treten! dir auch viel glück & nochmal danke xxx


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