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Favourite/hated character

The Wikipedia Page , if you want to read all about the story !! 

My favourite character is definitely Caleb Rivers. He is so damn hot.... and, yeah ... nothing else to say really :) No, just kidding. I think he is very intelligent and such a cordial person and boyfriend.
My favourites from the 4 girls are Spencer and Hanna. After that comes Aria and then Emily.
Now I will list all the main characters below and write a short statement to each of them, otherwise this post would be way too long :)

Toby - I like him quite a lot and he has such a cute smile
Mona - I probably prefer the creepy Mona over the nerdy or popular one
Ezra - Not my favourite, but he's ok
Alison - I don't like her, she is so fake
Jenna - I don't like her either and I think that she could see a long time before
Gerrit - I hated him for a long time, but he was really pleasant in the Halloween episode
Jason - I'm divided about him, sometimes I think he wants to help the girls and in the next moment he's totally suspicious
Paige - I don't really like her. But she became a lot nicer in the last ep.
Noel - I absolutely hate this guy. It makes me so angry to see his fake smile
Lucas - I quite liked him, when he was a good friend of Hanna but now he is just an idiot
Wren - He is really sweet, but what I don't like about him is that he tries to attract Spencer, Hanna and Emily, even if they have a boyfriend
Cece - The same as with Alison
Melissa - She seems very strange to me, sometimes she wants to help/protect Spencer and then she don't trust her anything
Byron - I hate him. He cheated on his wife and wants his daughter to lie to her mother ... ?!
Ashley - My favourite adult character

All the other parents/adults are ok. I don't really have a meaning on them.

Episodes Recap/Theories (SPOILER !!!) 
Ok. So now I'll share some of my impressions of the last/all episodes, some theories and obviously my theory with you !
I will start right at the beginning where the secret of A was revealed.
Unfortunately I knew that it would be Mona, because I read it in so many comments under the Sneak Peak videos. But the episode was shot surprisingly well, very exciting. I loved the masquerade ball, because it added a whole new level of suspense. One of the main things was the Black Swan, which was revealed as Melissa later. I guessed as much ! But I don't have a clue, what she has to do with the N.A.T.-Club or the A-Team.
In the 12 ep. of Season 3 the second A was revealed. I was soo shocked. I also knew already that it is Toby, but I couldn't really believe it ... or I didn't want to. I liked him so much, he was a super sweet boyfriend to Spencer and always seemed so reliable. But I still have the hope, that he joined the Team to protect the girls or to help them. Or maybe he was in the Team til the beginning, then he should build up a relationship with Spencer, because she knows so much about the whole Alison thing, and fell in love with her. Another important topic was the big outing of Nate. I never really liked him and wasn't to surprised about him being another person. The last "tragedy" was the near death of Caleb.
That sounds so silly and it's a little bit embarassing, but I almost shed a tear :D I felt so bad for Hanna and of course I didn't know, if Caleb fights through it. But after all it wasn't a big thing. He got back in the next ep.
And then the halloween episode. OMG, it blew my mind. This episode was so great ! I'm so excited to watch the next ep., wich by the way comes out on 8th January 2013 :(
First thing in the episode was Mona making a Halloween mask while talking to one of the A-Team. She gave him/her some pills (which he used for Aria) and some cartridges (probably for Gerrit). So we know that this person with the black hoodie could be the person who wore the devil costume on the party, because he poured the pills into Arias glass. And that leads to the discovery, that it probably wasn't Toby, who visited Mona, because Toby was dressed normal on the Halloween party.
The next bigger scene is the one, where Gerrit meets Spencer in her house, because he wants to tell her something important. Then Toby comes, dismisses Gerrit and tells Spencer not to meet him again.
The next two secens are about Caleb and Hanna talking about the Party and Ezra telling Aria that he can't make it to the Halloween night. I think Ezras reasons for not coming are very suspicious ...

After that you can see Hannas mum and her boyfriend doing the whole "trick-or-treat" stuff for the kids next door. There's the first creepy scene... a little girl comes through the back door into the house of Hanna and asks Ashley if she could call her mum. Of course she could and Ashley leads her to Hannas room. In a random moment she touches the little girl and feels her super cold skin. After that I was pretty sure that they want us to think of a ghost. When Ashley leaves the girl for a minute and then comes back, she disappeared. Very mysterious. And it's even more when you know that Alison told Hanna a murder story of two twin sisters last year, where the same actress participated ...

Then ... OMG .. Adam Lambert is in the house ! :D The party scene, where he's rocking in the train. By the way the party is on a moving train, if I didn't say that already.
The next scene is quite important, because you get to see that Mona isn't in the Sanitarium that night, later we will know if she was on the party.
After that Jason comes to the party and has a very strange conversation with Spencer. He leaves her after an odd eye contact with Lucas.
Then Aria gets to talk to Adam Lambert and writes her name on the pane, because it is too loud to talk. Later on the "ria" gets wiped off by the person who kidnapped Aria with the pills, which happens to be the next scene.
The next tense moment is where Spencer gets pulled by a man with the creepy mask, which was worn in the last halloween ep. too.
This man turned out to be Gerrit, who wants to end his story of Alisons death. Then he reveals the probably most important thing in this ep. He tells Spencer that Jenna thinks he was the one that killed Alison, but in fact he isn't. The last time he saw Alison alive was her arguing with Byron, Arias father. Yes, that's what it is.
After that the girls notice that Aria has disappeared, so they try to find her, therefor Hanna wants to tell Caleb that Aria is missing, after "Caleb" tries to kiss her a few times she notices that the real Caleb is standing some metres away, she takes of the mask and another mask appears. This one kind of looks like Alison. At the same time you get to see Aria lying in a wooden box, having her mouth and hands tied up.

So many things happening in this episode... sorry if this post is abnormal long.

So next Spencer gets attacked by the devil costume, who kidnapped Aria. But now worries she gets saved by Paige, who was on the train with Emily. This is quite a sweet scene, because Spencer never really accepted Paige, being Emilys girlfriend.
My personal highlight of the ep. comes right after this. You see Aria lying in the box and ribbing the tape off of her hand by using something like a spike sticking out of the box. She turns around and... she looks right away in dead Gerrits face. I totally freaked out when I saw this.
To speed up ... Someone (two people) try to push the box within Aria and Gerrit down from the train. You get to hear two voices, a female and a male one, which are great hints !
Aria eventually gets to stab the spike thing into the hand of one of the persons, so we have to look after a stab wound in the following episodes :)
At the end the two persons run away and Aria gets rescued by the other girls.
There is one moment, when Aria gets out of the box, where it looks like Gerrit is moving his arm, but more about that in my second theory post !
At the end the police and Ezra (he supposedly searched Aria ...) are coming onto the train and there is a little fight between Toby and Noel. He crashes into the container, where they stored the drinks, and the Bodybag showed up.
Very mysterious.
The finale is a scene, where you see a hand coming out of Alisons grave.

Because this post is super-duper long I will make a second post with all the theories :)


Maria xx

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