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Hey my lovelies ! How was your Christmas ? I'm hoping good :) Mine was. I was around my family and my best friend on Christmas Eve. The next days were quite stressful ... I had to eat a lot.
But it's ok. After New Year's Eve I will go to the gym regularly again.
This year I got the biggest present I ever got, but I paid more than the half of it myself.
You probably know what I'm talking about. I got an Iphone 4S in white, which I could call my new obsession just as well. I'm totally in love with it :)

The Phone // My Lockscreen // A funny Wallpaper I found // My favourite apps (Instagram, Picstitch, barcoo, Shazam, Spotify, Daytrotter and PocketHipster) 

What are your favourite apps ? 

Lastly I wanted to share a new blog idea with you. I saw so many blogger doing a monthly/weekly Instagram post and I wanted to do this as well. I thought about a funny name and I came up with Insteek :) So I will do Insteek every week ! I hope you like it !!

My Instagram name is: vintagebirdy22

Maria xx

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  1. Oh ich will auch ein iPhone :c

    Vielleicht hast du ja Lust auch mal bei mir vorbei zu schauen und villeicht darf ich dich sogar als neuen Leser begrüßen? ♥


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