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Hey my lovelies ! I'm so, so sorry that my last post feels like it was ages ago :( But school has taken its toll on me, we wrote so many tests. But tomorrow the holidays will begin :) 
Besides I'm dealing with an on and off cold which is quite annoying. Sore throat, stomachache and cough.
BUT, you can look forward to another video, if you want to ! 
At this point I wanted to thank my super great followers ! You twelve people often make my day 
So what do you think ? Will the world end tomorrow ? I'm convinced of it .... no just kidding, this should be sarcastic. I know I'm not really funny, but who cares ?! :D 
I think I will make a post about My survival kit for the doomsday. I know another blog about the things people would save, if their house burns down, you can see it HERE . 
It kinda reminds me of it. 
By the way it are only 4 days left until Christmas Eve :) My brother comes over to our house tomorrow, which I'm quite excited about, because I haven't seen him for a bit.
Are you looking forward to X-Mas this year ? And are you in the wintery mood ? I definitely am ! 
So guys have a wonderful evening :) 

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Maria xoxo


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