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Our Christmastree // My hair ... // Dinner :) // Just a big photo of Mee :D // My morning occupation // Typical Instagram pic // My outfit // Going on a walk // My City at night // Breakfast ... Yummy // My outfit // Me hearing music -- P!ATD // My most worn pants this winter // Tumblr Sky like // Avocado // Candle Light // Duuckfacee // My favourite nail polish for Christmas and New Year's Eve // Outfit // Love this picture 

 Hey this will be my first Insteek post ! :) This isn't everything i posted on Instagram this week but the rest will follow in tomorrows post. I'm not really pleased with the outcome of this post, but I'm too stupid to get 3 or two pictures in a row. Has anyone of you the same problem ? Please write me in the comments how you deal with that :) Love you guys !

Maria x

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