Lifestyle | A "Creative Sunday"

And now a little DIY. Because I had no more canvases to work with I came up with the idea of "re-painting" an old one. I know it's rather simple but I never thought of it before so maybe some of you didn't either :) 


Drawing : 

 And if you don't know what to draw/paint just google "inspiration tumblr". That's what I often do. 
I also just started making a scrapbook which I got for my birthday ! Please tell me in the comments if you want me to show it in a post :3 
Oh and by the way, do you like my new layout ? I wanted the blog to be a bit more structured and clear. I'm not quite pleased with the outcome but I work at it. You can write me any suggestion if you like. 
Have an awesome start into this week ! 

Maria xx 

PS: Please check out this amazing guy Niklas Carson Mattson ! Todays music tip is a cover of Don't You Worry Child by Niklas. I have to admit that I nearly end up crying when I hear this song. It is so emotional but that's the reason I like it so much, I think. 

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