Fashion | Old but .... MINT ?!

Hey my lovelieeees !
Besides of the black/white trend this spring, MINT is still a major must-have !
I'm totally in love with this colour (mostly because I like it in combination with my hair ... lol :D) and it's super easy to style. It looks great in combination to all of the upcoming spring trends: metallic (especially rosegold ), colour blocking, stripes, black/white, lace and beads. You see definitely versatile ! I just assembled a make up look and some outfits (a sporty one as well, cause you know even when we look like crap, we're still stylish :D) in minty Mint :)

All you need is a bit of brown/copper and mint (if you don't have mint, just mix blue and green) coloured eyeshadow and a nice coral or pink blush ! 

 Skirt - Primark // Cardigan - H&M // Scarf - Primark 

 Dress - Primark // Cardigan - AnnChristine // Jeans jacket - Primark // Shoes - Converse 

 Floral shirt - Primark // Leather jacket - Primark // High waisted shorts - Vintage/DIY // Shoes - Doc Martens 

 Shirt - Primark // Acid washed jeans - H&M // Blazer - H&M // Shoes - Primark // Necklace - Primark // Watch - Primark // Bracelet - Claires 

 Shirt - New Yorker // Jacket - Aeropostale // Shorts - Esprit // Shoes - Adidas // Watch - a gift 

 Nailpolish - Essie in mint candy apple 

Hope you liked it !! If you have any other suggestions on how to wear mint, let me know :) 
I also wanted to ask you something, do anyone of you know if Google Friend Connect is going to be closed, so you have to follow blogs through bloglovin etc. ? 

I love you guys ! I hope you all had a good start into the week. 

Maria xoxo 

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